Tuesday, January 15, 2013


MG MBF-P02KAI Astray Red Frame Kai (Daban)

Initially, like other third-party copy of the original, I had doubts with the this kit. But surprisingly, it surpassed my low expectations. There were minor gripes I had with this kit though; the "head cap" that supposed to line up all the way to the visor wasn't connecting well, same as the V fin, and the knee caps wouldn't fit at all. So common sense dictated to use glue and cut some plastic on the knee caps to fix the problem. Other than that, it was all fun!

The Blue Frame is an actual Bandai kit. I would say, Daban did their homework and came close to ( I think) 90% replication.

BTW, the main highlight of this kit is the "bling sprue" (left) that will compliment the glorious Katanas. The dull Gold sprue (right), which Bandai only offered, was surprisingly included also in the package. 

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