Tuesday, January 15, 2013


MG MBF-P02KAI Astray Red Frame Kai (Daban)

Initially, like other third-party copy of the original, I had doubts with the this kit. But surprisingly, it surpassed my low expectations. There were minor gripes I had with this kit though; the "head cap" that supposed to line up all the way to the visor wasn't connecting well, same as the V fin, and the knee caps wouldn't fit at all. So common sense dictated to use glue and cut some plastic on the knee caps to fix the problem. Other than that, it was all fun!

The Blue Frame is an actual Bandai kit. I would say, Daban did their homework and came close to ( I think) 90% replication.

BTW, the main highlight of this kit is the "bling sprue" (left) that will compliment the glorious Katanas. The dull Gold sprue (right), which Bandai only offered, was surprisingly included also in the package. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kit Pic Roll

Here are some kits that I've built a few months back. Straight out of the box, basic panel lining and touch ups, that's it.

MBF-P04 Gundam Astray Green Frame

XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero
(Pearl Finish)

GAT-X105+P202QX Strike IWSP

MS-06JC Zaku II

GN-000 0 Gundam


A fellow modeler had some of his stuff up for sale a week ago. I immediately had these bad boys reserved because I haven't had any grunts in my collection, and I've been meaning to get one while the Great Singapore Sale is on.
Good thing I held back, the seller priced them as per box (YEN=SGD), not bad at all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Let The Ball Rollin'...

Hi! This would be my first "What's In The Bag?" post for this year. It really took me that long to be back on track and I feel a bit rusty; so bear with me.

Ok, so what's in the bag? These are actually some stuff the I recently acquired from a local hobby store, which I'd tell you more as I get along, and an e-Bay contact that has been consistent in posting his goods online. These aren't really new kits, but there's one special item that got me excited and made me purchase one of the kits here. 

Here it is...

                     Strike Freedom's EQFU-3X Super DRAGOON System effect parts, 
                                                         aka "The Wings of Light". 

Not much of a biggie for some, but in my opinion this is way cooler than the effect parts you get from the Full Burst Mode (FBM) version of Strike Freedom. I got this one from Hobby Art Gallery last year. Just bought it out of impulse since it was previously available only online. Which brings me to next item.

ZGMF-X Strike Freedom Gundam

Yep, just the regular MG release. Personally the FBM didn't lived up to my expectations primarily because of the half-served gold plated bling parts and the steep price. I might as well use the extra cash to buy me some gold Gundam marker or a can of gold spray paint. 


                                                        MSN-04-02 Nightingale SD

This Model Comprehend kit did some waves in the Gunpla community as it's the only Nightingale snap-on kit, to my knowledge, available to the public. And yes, a 1/100 scale version will be out soon here!

The SD Nightingale kit was purchased at Hobby Kulture. They were running a discount promo when I dropped by and decided to pick up the kit. They do also offer courses in basic model building and painting.

I haven't decided yet on which kit I'll work on first. I'll be posting more kits that I purchased a few moons back and some that I've already built.

Friday, February 3, 2012

After Forever


It's been awhile, I know, but I'm glad I'll be posting some new stuff here. I'm still gettin' some kits around the time I'm not active here, and a big backlog!

Be posting some cool stuff here soon...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My apologies...

For the lack of updates. The new job that I mentioned a couple of months back has eaten my kit building time, and worst had little time to update the blog. Honestly, I was only able to give myself 30+mins to tinker on my kits. Anyway, sadly that new job didn't work out...be starting a new one on the first week of May, which means I have a week of rest and preparation for the new gig!

Just an update, the Aegis Gundam is already finished. Thanks to those spare 30+mins I was also able to fix some minor flaws of the kit and did some minor painting. I'll be posting some pictures of it soon. Same as the Wing Zero Noir Custom, still on the backseat.

An update also on what kits I have right now. Recently I ventured on purchasing with the help of e-bay. Actually I don't have an account with them and it  will be soon before I dive into purchasing online or bid for any kits. Don't make sense huh?

Actually what I did is contacted the seller from e-bay directly and asked if we can do business face to face. Reason why I specifically contacted the dude is because his goods are very reasonable, and it'll save me at least $10 minimum for the kit that I was eying. I wasn't really expecting any positive reply since he has all the rights to ditch my inquiry; again I don't have an account with e-bay. Surprisingly, he acknowledged and he was cool meeting-up somewhere. The dude was straightforward, place and time was ironed-out and 90% of the deal was already done just over the phone, all we have to do is bump to each other and we're happy both campers.

True enough, around 7pm in Eunos MRT (here in Singapore) the dude came with a number of plastic bags and one of them inside is my MG Johnny Ridden's Custom Zaku Ver. 2! He gave the bag, I gave my dough and we went off and that's it!

The box was sealed in plastic and I counted the parts complete and I'm pleased. Oh yeah, the dude's account name on e-bay is 9262.broker69 . So if ever you're around here in Singapore or just visiting, check out his stuff on e-bay, he has a number of MGs and figures there. His contact number is posted in his account and he can meet you daily around 1pm at City Hall MRT or 7pm Eunos MRT.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's In The Bag?

I was thinking of adding this on my last post but decided not to 'coz this post will mainly focus on new hauls of kit/s and other stuff that I recently (or not so) purchased. Ala "I got a new package", or sumthin like that...

Purchased from Hobby Point, Tiong Bahru, it's Athrun's first mobile suit, GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam and a bottle Tamiya paint.